Max-Tension TL-2 End Terminal

The MAX-Tension™ TL-2 tangent guardrail terminal, with Sabertooth™ technology, features the next level of impact performance and an ultra-slim design.

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The system utilizes a tension-based design along with an energy-absorbing coupler that features an all-new cutting tooth design. When impacted head-on, deceleration is controlled by friction developed in the tension cables and by cutting the downstream guardrail panels. When a side impact occurs, tension cables can help safely redirect a motorist away from the hazard.

In addition, the MAX-Tension end terminal utilises standard guardrail components and shares many “smart parts” with other MAX-Tension Terminal designs for significant savings in inventory and maintenance costs. Nuisance impacts during snow removal and maintenance operations can also be minimized due to the narrow design of the MAX-Tension impact head.

A mobile-friendly installer’s guide is also available. The Lindsay Guide App provides resources for teams installing or inspecting Lindsay Transportation products. Each product section contains video demonstrations of proper installation techniques, text supplements when the video is unavailable, and final checklists.

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The MAX-Tension Energy Absorbing Coupler is fitted with a patent pending galvanized Sabertooth. When the system is impacted head-on, the Sabertooth is engineered to cut the downstream guardrail to aid in the deceleration of an errant vehicle.


  • Redirective, non-gating at post 1 
  • Tension-based cables control deceleration and increase re-directive performance. 
  • Sabertooth technology increases energy absorbing capacity and weakens the downstream guardrail rail to help reduce the severity of impacts. 
  • A lightweight impact head makes installation quick & easy.
  • Available as a kit or full system, utilizes standard guardrail panels, posts and components after post 1.


  • Classification: TL-2 Redirective, Non-Gating
  • System Length: 15″ (4.72 m)
  • Effective Length: 25″ (7.62 m)
  • System Width: 17.5” (445 mm)
  • Impact Head Width: 5.5” (140 mm)
  • Impact Head Weight: 40 lb. (18.14 kg)
  • Length of Need: at Post 1 

Standards and Approvals

  • MASH TL-2 (70 km/h) compliant
  • AS/NZS 3845.1:2015 compliant
  • Approved for recommendation by the Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP)

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