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(ACP) – Australian Construction Products.
Australia’s leading manufacturers and distributors of steel and civil road barriers.

Supplying road safety solutions across the country.

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ACP stocks a full range of MASH approved products for the road safety barrier market. So when you buy from ACP you can be confident in your choice.

One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of civil road barriers. Also, offering corrugated tunnels and bridge structures. ACP has delivered innovative products to the Australasian market since 2001.

More about ACP

Started over 20 years ago to fill a gap in the road safety market. Manufacturing w-beam and thrie-beam products to meet state specifications.

Not long after launching, our product range started to expand. So now the range included barriers such as the Sentryline system and X-Tension 350. ACP acquired the rights to Lindsay Transportation products.

Now the range included the TAU and ABSORB crash cushion range, as well as the ArmorGuard Gate system. High demand solutions, such as guardrail systems and the MAX-Tensionend terminal.

We pride ourselves on supplying innovative product solutions to the Australian market.

We have the ability to draw on vast knowledge and experience from within our team. With three manufacturing sites, multi-distribution centres, integrated logistics and Trans Tasman relationships.

ACP will deliver the right solution for your project.

All the products that ACP manufactures ensure superior performance. Our market-leading proprietary road safety barrier products include the:

SENTRY W-Beam TL-3. SENTRY ThrieBeam TL-4. Sentryline-M Wire Rope Barrier TL-3/TL-4. MAX-Tension End Terminal TL-2/TL-3. RiderPro Motorcyclist Protection System. TAU-M Crash Cushion. ArmorGuard Gate. KSI Safety Roller Barrier TL-4 and more exclusively found through ACP.

In 2021 ACP joined the Jaybro group to ensure future growth. This enabled ACP to continue to meet all your barrier needs and more.

With a growing range of quality products and knowledge. We understand your needs! providing prompt and seamless service for your upcoming project needs.


ACP exclusively offers the X-350. The world’s first fully re-directive guardrail terminal end.

Timely Solutions

With a completely innovative range of products, ACP can provide timely solutions for your barrier needs.

Multi Distribution

With three manufacturing sites, and multi-distribution centres. ACP is committed to delivering the right solution.