Value Engineering

Maximize value in your next project with an ACP Value Engineered solution.

ACP is experienced in finding alternative solutions that offer your projects the same functionality and quality at a better value.

We call it Value Engineering.

See how ACP can save you time and money on your projects without sacrificing quality or functionality.

The Value Engineering process can be described in these steps:

  • Identify the function of a product or service
  • Establish a worth for that function
  • Generate alternatives that meet the current design codes through creative thinking
  • Provide the needed functions reliably at the lowest overall cost
  • Prepare a Value Engineered alternative proposal

The Value Engineering proposal will be looking for the optimum blend of scheduling, performance, constructability, environmental awareness, safety and cost savings.

Value Engineering can be achieved in any number ways:

  • It could be the decision to choose a buried metal bridge instead of a concrete structure
  • It could also be reducing the polymer-coated areas of a buried metal bridge to only the most vulnerable areas. It could be formulating a specifically engineered backfill from a local source, when quarries are too far away
  • Or, it could even be adding MSE soil reinforcement to a buried structure’s beveled ends to save time and money by eliminating the need for concrete collars or false-work interior bracing during backfill

Value Engineering Project Case Studies

Take a look at our Value Engineering Case Studies to learn more: