Grip-Strip Reinforcement System

AIL’s Grid-StripTM System represents the most significant improvement to the design and construction efficiency of MSE walls in decades. With its standardized width, the Grid-StripTM System makes all types of MSE Retaining Wall Systems easier to design and construct – saving valuable time and money on projects.

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Save time and money by specifying our fast, economical MSE Retaining Wall Systems for your next engineered embankment project.

These historically-proven, cost-effective systems are easy to install using local equipment and crews. They adapt well to curves, angles and steps and can reach heights of over 30m (100’). Able to handle the most extreme surcharge loads, their core strength is in their heavy-duty, interlocking soil reinforcement mats made from high-quality, welded, galvanised steel.

From natural rock or vegetated faces, to custom precast panel designs, MSE Retaining Wall Systems are available with many types of finish options. Look into MSE Retaining Wall System from AIL and see how well quality and value are stacked in your favour.


  • Retaining Walls
  • Headwalls and Wing Walls
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Grade Separations
  • Crusher Ramps/Walls
  • Steeped Slopes
  • Erosion Control


  • Bridge abutments, crusher walls, grade separations, headwalls, steepened slopes
  • Highway, commercial, mining and industrial applications
  • Both urban and rural settings
  • Temporary or permanent applications up to 100+ years

Easily adapt to:

  • Install with minimal site preparation and work area
  • Complex sites and native soil conditions
  • Curves, angles, steps, culverts, piles and other site anomalies
  • Suit any type of application with a variety of finishes

Strong enough to:

  • Reach heights of over 30 m (100′)
  • Support substantial static and dynamic loads
  • Resist seismic activity shock
  • Stabilize unpredictable landscapes
  • Deliver extended design service life expectancies

Merger of Australian Construction Products and Safe Direction

We are delighted to announce the merger of Safe Direction Pty Ltd and Australian Construction Products Pty Ltd (ACP).
On 1 May 2023 Jaybro, Australia’s leading supplier to the civil construction and infrastructure sector, and owner of ACP, purchased 100% of the share capital of Safe Direction. Under Jaybro’s ownership the two businesses will be merged to form Australia’s preeminent company manufacturing and supplying vehicle barrier systems.

A compelling motivation for the merger is the value created for our customers from combining the collective resources and knowledge of the two companies. Notably there will be significant broadening of the product range and enhancement to distribution reach and capacity. There will be transitionary steps as the two businesses assemble under the one entity, Safe Direction. Part of this transition includes the consolidation of the products and services offered by the merged business into a single web domain

We trust that this merger will provide increased value to you and we look forward to the opportunity to be of assistance.