Motorcycle Protection Rail System

The ACP Motorcycle Protection Rail System consists of 4m or 5m galvanised rub rail panels which attach under W-Beam guardrail by the installation of steel brackets via the W-Beam post bolt.

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Motorcycle Protection Rail System


Installation of the Motorcycle Protection Rail System, provides the motorist safety on the roads. The rail system pulls the motorist away from any potential hazards on roads such as signs and cliff edges.

The steel brackets absorb and minimise rider impact, when the rider comes in contact with the w-beam guardrail.


  • Option for 4.0m NLL W-beam panel
  • Option for 5.0m NLL W-beam panel
  • Easily installed on new barriers
  • Easily retrofitted on existing barriers
  • No requirement to dismantle existing barrier


  • ACP Motorcycle Protection rail system may be retrofitted or installed to standard G4 W-beam or Type B Steel guard fence
  • ACP Motorcycle Protection rail system is hot dipped galvanised to AS 4680
  • ACP Motorcycle Protection rail system may be curved in field
  • ACP Motorcycle Protection rail system is easily terminated behind posts on both approach & departure
  • Available exclusively through ACP

    Standards and Approvals

    • Currently no crash testing exists for this product.