ACP Super•Cor® – Corrugated Steel Pipe, Tunnels & Bridge Structures

Combining the advantages of lightweight construction with the superior strength and durability of galvanised steel, Super•Cor® is the most internationally accepted and widely used corrugation profile on the market.

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corrugate steel pipe
ACPSuperCorPipe Structure


A high quality ​corrugated steel pipe​ that is built to last. It will not crack under impact loads or vibrations due to the inherent strength of steel and the flexibility of the corrugated pipe section. The high ring compression of the pipe absorbs and transfers the load to the surrounding soil around the entire circumference. The beam strength maintains the grade and line of the structure by bridging inequalities of the trench bottom and side fill.

The larger annular corrugations of Super•Cor® (381mm pitch and 140mm depth) provide nine times the stiffness of conventional structural plate.

Super•Cor® corrugated steel pipe is the sensible economic choice for:

  • Vehicle underpasses
  • Bridges
  • Railway underpasses
  • Box culverts
  • Underground storage
  • Stream enclosures/crossings
  • Fauna underpasses
  • Mine portals


  • Versatile: the corrugation profile allows for spans in excess of 25m
  • Durable: properly designed structures with a heavy galvanised coating will last over 100 years
  • Strong: the larger annular corrugations (381mm pitch and 140mm depth) provide nine times the stiffness of conventional structural plate
  • Environmentally responsible: bottomless structures offer the least disturbance to the environment on installation
  • Maintenance free: properly installed, the structures are relatively maintenance free
  • Ease of handling: lightweight sections are economical to ship and easily handled
  • Cost: low installation and maintenance costs over the life cycle of the structure makes Super•Cor® an economical choice


  • Material specifications in ASTM A761 and CSA G401-06
  • Section properties and seam strength values in ASTM A796, AASHTO and CSA Bridge code
  • Included in AS/NZS 2041.2011
  • Plate thickness from 3.5mm to 8mm
  • Galvanised zinc coating from 915gm/m² to 1220gm/m² (total both sides)
  • Design life to suit your project, up to 125 years
  • Variety of footing options available to suit various sites
  • End finishes come in: squared, bevelled, partially-bevelled and skewed

Standards and Approvals

Approved to CSA Standard G401-07

Merger of Australian Construction Products and Safe Direction

We are delighted to announce the merger of Safe Direction Pty Ltd and Australian Construction Products Pty Ltd (ACP).
On 1 May 2023 Jaybro, Australia’s leading supplier to the civil construction and infrastructure sector, and owner of ACP, purchased 100% of the share capital of Safe Direction. Under Jaybro’s ownership the two businesses will be merged to form Australia’s preeminent company manufacturing and supplying vehicle barrier systems.

A compelling motivation for the merger is the value created for our customers from combining the collective resources and knowledge of the two companies. Notably there will be significant broadening of the product range and enhancement to distribution reach and capacity. There will be transitionary steps as the two businesses assemble under the one entity, Safe Direction. Part of this transition includes the consolidation of the products and services offered by the merged business into a single web domain

We trust that this merger will provide increased value to you and we look forward to the opportunity to be of assistance.