Lightweight, strong and corrosion/abrasion resistant, Dur•A•Span Aluminum Structural Plate has been going the distance in over 1,000 structures worldwide for many years – beating the usual heavyweight contenders, like precast concrete, on overall performance and cost

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Now, thanks to its innovative reinforcing rib technology, Dur•A•Span can go even farther (and wider) to outperform all challengers. The proven strength, economy and longevity of Dur•A•Span is ideal for coastal or remote areas in:

  • Stream and river crossings
  • Culverts and storm drains
  • Conveyor or utility line covers
  • Road salt or other storage structures


  • Corrosion/Abrasion Resistant: Aluminum is well-known for its longer design service life. Proven over many years of wet/dry corrosion/abrasion cycles, its tough, self-healing, oxide surface film reforms immediately if mechanically damaged or corroded in an aggressive environment like salt water.
  • Lightweight: Dur•A•Span is only 1/50 the weight of reinforced concrete pipe, so it ships for less and installs faster – especially in remote areas. Individual plates and ribs can usually be handled by one worker and bundles can be moved by light-duty lifts.
  • Easy to Install: Many lightweight Dur•A•Span structures can be shipped assembled to provide obvious installation savings in time and money. If delivered unassembled, the nested components can be made in large sections with up to three different radii in the same plate, reducing the number of joints and assembly time.
  • Strong: Dur•A•Span is made from the strongest non-heat treatable alloy in common use – alloy 5052. Additional hardware made from alloys 6061 and 6063 also have a proven history of excellent corrosion resistance even in salt-water environments. Their principle magnesium and chromium alloying elements offer high ultimate and yield strengths to create structures that meet AASHTO and CHBDC design requirements.
  • Design: Dur•A•Span corrugation pattern of 230 mm by 64 mm incorporates design theories confirmed by exhaustive field tests. The result is a more efficient and economical structure with a higher section modulus and moment of inertia to increase strength and stiffness. The 19 mm steel assembly bolts are hot dip galvanized and specially heat treated to meet ASTM A449 specifications. Aluminum assembly bolts (Grade 6081-T6) are also available.
  • End Treatments: Standard end finishes for Dur•A•Span include square ends, step bevels, skews, partial bevels, and skew bevels. Integrated headwall and wingwall solutions are also available.


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Standards and Approvals

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